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Pistachio Cherry Ice Cream

Pistachio Cherry Ice Cream

To commemorate the arrival of ice cream season, here is one of three new ice cream recipes.  Pistachio Cherry Ice Cream combines the flavors of summer fruits and pistachios.

Fruits and nuts that grow together often complement one another. That’s why cherries and pistachios seem to make a pleasant pair. And as stone fruits, they share the same botanical family, prunus. Yet another reason why the delicate cherry-almond flavor of pistachios and cherries marry well. We’ve studded the pistachio ice cream with Kirsch-soaked fresh cherries. You could also add chopped pieces of bittersweet chocolate.

This is a French-style ice cream made with eggs. First a light custard is made from egg yolks, sugar and milk cooked until delicately thickened. Then the chilled base is enriched with Love’n Bake Pistachio Paste and just enough heavy cream to make the dessert pleasantly creamy without being too rich. You’ll need an ice cream machine to make this frozen delight. (If you do not have one, try our recipe for Spumoni.)

We like to serve this ice cream right from the ice cream machine. You may also pack it into a container and store it in the freezer to eat later that day or the next.

Pistachio Ideas for Your Cookie Exchange

Pistachio Harlequin Cookies are a sweet and elegant treat to add to a holiday cookie tray.  We’ve used this versatile dough to make Pistachio Schoolboy Cookies as well as these piped cookies.  You can read a step-by-step of how to make them here.  Or proceed directly to the recipe.  At this time of the year, it would be fun to dip the chocolate-coated ends of the cookies in finely chopped pistachios then sprinkle them with coarse sugar crystals.  Whichever way you make then, they will be delicious.

Pistachio Cream Cake

We recently received an enthusiastic email with photo and recipe from Sue Ade, a food writer in South Carolina. The Pistachio Cream Cake recipe she sent to us is a favorite of a local restaurant in the Low Country where she lives.  Sue persuaded the chef to part with the recipe, which we are happy to share here. What we love about the recipe is the use of our Pistachio Paste in both the cake and the light buttercream icing.  If you are looking for something a little unusual to serve during the holidays, we think this cake might be perfect.

And wouldn’t this recipe be delicious when baked into cupcakes?

You can read Sue’s original article about the recipe here. (In addition to being a gourmet baker and collector of vintage cooking utensils and cookbooks, she writes about food for Bluffton Today/Hardeeville Today/The Peninsula Clarion, a group of papers serving towns near Hilton Head, South Carolina.)

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX- Pistachio Cheesecake

For our professional users, cheesecake is one of the more popular uses for Pistachio or Hazelnut Paste.

Pistachio Cheesecake

Here’s a great creamy cheesecake with delectable pools of pistachio paste. Serve it with fresh strawberries for a lovely spring dessert. Or garnish it with a dusting of shaved chocolate or gobs of fudge sauce for something more decadent.

Here’s the recipe for Pistachio Cheesecake.