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Chocolate Walnut Sticky Buns

Chocolate Walnut Sticky BunsSticky buns are an occasional indulgence, an over-the-top treat reserved for a special occasion.  We think the start of the school year is exactly that kind of occasion.  It is a time to celebrate something new and the sad loss of the leisure days of summer.

This chocolate walnut sticky bun combines luscious chocolate filling with the rich taste of toasted walnuts. Our Chocolate Schmear has an intense chocolate taste from cocoa powder. But it is not overly sweet. This makes it ideal for a bun with lots of topping.  If you have not made sticky buns before, there is one caveat. You must remove the buns from the pan before the sugary topping hardens. (Should the buns stick, pop the pan back into the oven for several minutes until they loosen up.)


Chocolate Walnut Sticky Buns

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Almond Rugelach



A nifty little cookie that can be made year round, rugelach is comfort food to many. The rich crust, made with a generous measure of cream cheese is flaky and tart enough to offset one of our Schmear® Fillings. We like to use Almond Schmear at this time of the year for a rugelach cookie that goes with everything from a bowl of stewed rhubarb to sorbet or frozen yogurt. These rolled cookies keep well and pack nicely in a picnic basket.


Making rugelach is easy but takes a few minutes to fill then cut and roll each cookie into shape. Enlist the kids or a friend and make a double batch to freeze.


Sunny Days Braided Lemon Bread

Sunny days, chasing the snow away: Braided lemon bread. Here is a recipe from our friends at the King Arthur Flour Company that screams spring. It is a buttery yeast bread filled with a cream cheese filling and lemon curd.  But you can just as easily spread it with Almond or Chocolate Schmear.  (We are thinking about making a version of this recipe using diced pears and almond schmear. We send our thanks to Ksegal for sharing this delectable recipe and her idea for it with us.)

Birthday Blackout Cake

New York Blackout Cake is a legendary foodstuff, which Brooklynites of a certain age long for.  Although the chain of bakeries closed in the 1970’s, many still remember this fudge cake with dense chocolate filling in the distinctive blue box. 

We found that our Chocolate Schmear® Filling has just the right flavor and texture to win fans among devotees. You can use a favorite fudge cake recipe. (Our shopping shortcut – we’ve made it using a prepared mix.) The trick is to trim the cakes level and reserve the crumbs.  They get pressed into the Chocolate Schmear®-covered cake giving it a mouthwatering shaggy appearance.

Wouldn’t it make a terrific treat for a little boy’s birthday?

Birthday Blackout Cake recipe