Individual Chocolate Mocha Lava Cakes

Individual Chocolate Mocha Lava Cakes
Individual Chocolate Mocha Lava Cakes

It’s cold outside but warm in our kitchens.  We’re thinking of – what else – chocolate for Valentine’s Day.  We’ve put a gooey heart of chocolate into a warm coffee-scented chocolate cake.

What better way to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day than with a warm, dense chocolate dessert. Inspired by molten lava cakes that have been so popular recently, we created an easy chocolate batter flavored with coffee. All of the ingredients are mixed into a batter that is beaten in a mixer until it resembles fluffy marshmallow. The batter can be mixed ahead and kept for several days in the refrigerator to be baked to order.  (Fill the individual ramekins in which you plan to bake the batter ahead of time then bake them right before serving.)  A gooey center of Love’n Bake® Chocolate Schmear® doubles the chocolate punch, retaining its moistness after baking.

For the Chocolate Mocha Lava Cake Recipe, Click HERE.

Chocolate Scone

Chocolate Scones
Chocolate Scones

Happy New Year.  On the last day of a long, relaxing holiday season, we’re thinking about freshly baked yet simple treats.  A few years back we experimented with scones and our Schmear Fillings. We found ways to layer scones with these fillings.

In this recipe, we’ve paired our favorite scone dough with Chocolate Schmear. The fudgy layer of deep chocolate complements the crisp butteriness of these scones. Be sure to knead the soft dough just enough so that it develops some elasticity. But try not to over knead so that your scones are tender when baked. (Four to six good turns should work well.) Work gently to spread the Schmear so as not to tear the dough. And if you do, no need to worry. The dough can be easily patched. Swirls of chocolate throughout the scone when baked add to its appeal.

Chocolate Scones Recipe

Chocolate Almond Hedgehogs

Chocolate Almond Hedgehog Cookie


Holiday cookie baking season has arrived.  We have been auditioning on some new treats to add to our annual assortment.

These chocolate almond cookies have an appealing light and crunchy texture.   Rolling the dough in chocolate sprinkles before baking gives them a shaggy appearance. We think they resemble little hedgehogs.  The dough is soft and easy to handle. But chill it thoroughly before portioning to keep the cookies from spreading too much while baking.

You can add chocolate chips to the dough if you like. Or chopped toasted almonds. Or a combination.  The dot in the center of this cookie is a chocolate covered espresso coffee bean.  You could use a raisin or a red hot candy to give the cookie a jaunty, holiday look.

Chocolate Almond Hedgehog Cookie recipe