Lemon Almond Sandwich Cookies


Lemon Almond Sandwich Cookies 3

Buttery lemon cookies with the flavor of almonds are a go-to snack. Sandwich them together with a bright lemon butter cream for something more festive, perhaps the kind of cookie worth packing into a picnic basket.

A common European cookie garnish, pearl sugar won’t melt during baking. We use it to add a decorative element and extra crunch to the edge of the cookies but it is optional. One tip when making these cookies. Cool them completely before filling. The cookies firm and are easier to spread. The filled cookies keep for a week when stored loosely covered in the refrigerator.


Here is our Lemon Almond Sandwich Cookie Recipe

Peach Galette, Flaky Marzipan Crust

Peach galette, Flaky Marzipan Crust

Peaches, plums, nectarines.  Stone fruit season is coming.

The first ripe fruits of the season call for a crisp tart or juicy pie. This rustic galette is about the easiest thing we know how to make with stone fruits like peaches. The crust has a secret ingredient, a generous helping of Love’n Bake® Almond Paste that perfumes the flaky marzipan crust.
Make this soft dough at least several hours (or overnight) before you plan to bake. It needs to rest in the refrigerator to firm up for easy rolling.


Here is the recipe for our Peach Galette, Flaky Marzipan Crust