Barry Callebaut:
The Barry Callebaut Group is the heart and the engine of the chocolate and cocoa industry. In June 2015, in an effort to expand its North American specialty products business, Barry Callebaut acquired the customer portfolio, brands, recipes and manufacturing equipment of American Almond.


As highlighted by Dave Johnson, CEO and President Americas of the Barry Callebaut Group: “American Almond’s business fits perfectly with our overall strategy to further strengthen our market position in adjacent ingredients products for both our Gourmet & Specialties and Food Manufacturers Products business. The acquired business will significantly broaden our product portfolio and open up attractive new growth opportunities as it complements our chocolate and cocoa product offerings.”


American Almond is thrilled by this enormous growth opportunity and to take full advantage of the wide R&D, sales, distributions resources and the 150 years of expertise of Barry Callebaut.


Nuts.com is the reference when it comes to the online sales of high quality nuts products. In an effort to streamline its e-commerce business and to give its customers a state-of-the-art online shopping experience, American Almond has decided to partner with nuts.com to sell its products on the Internet. Since July 2016, all our American Almond products are available on www.nuts.com