Hazelnut Gelato

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Hazelnut Gelato







Yield: Approximately 5.5 lbs

For the Basic Ice Cream Base for Plain Ice Cream and Gelato:


  • 1200g           Whole milk
  • 480g             Powdered dextrose
  • 360g             Powdered glucose
  • 2160g           Granulated sugar
  • 300g             Powdered skim milk
  • 95g               Stabilizer


  1. Combine the whole milk, powdered dextrose, and glucose, sugar, powdered skim milk and stabilizer in a saucepan. Heat the mixture, stirring constantly to 180°F. Cool down completely.

For the Finished Hazelnut Gelato (Ice Cream):


  • 1925g        Basic ice cream base
  • 25g            Whole milk
  • 125g          Granulated sugar
  • 195g          Heavy cream
  • 25g            Powdered skim milk
  • 195g          American Almond® praline paste


  1. Combine 1925 grams of the Basic Ice Cream Base with the whole milk, sugar, cream, powdered skim milk, and American Almond® praline paste. Quickly chill the ice cream base over an ice bath. Refrigerate the ice cream base overnight.
  2. Pour into batch freezer and churn.

Recipe courtesy of American Almond® – www.americanalmond.com