Hazelnut Gelato

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Hazelnut Gelato

Yield: Approximately 2.5 kilos

Hazelnut Gelato, also called nocciola, is a signature ice cream flavor and one of the most popular uses for our silky Praline Paste.

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Recipe Courtesy of: Pastry Chef Biagio Settepani


Basic Ice Cream Base for Plain Ice Cream and Gelato: Grams
Whole Milk 1200 g
Powdered Dextrose 480 g
Powdered Glucose 360 g
Granulated Sugar 2160 g
Powdered Skim Milk 300 g
Stabilizer 95 g


For the Finished Hazelnut Gelato (Ice Cream) Grams
Basic Ice Cream Base 1925 g
Whole Milk 25 g
Granulated Sugar 125 g
Heavy Cream 195 g
Powdered Skim Milk 25 g
American Almond Praline Paste 195 g


  1. For the Basic Ice Cream Base: Combine the whole milk, powdered dextrose and glucose, sugar, powdered skim milk and stabilizer in a saucepan. Heat the mixture, stirring constantly to 180°F. Cool down completely.
  2. For the Hazelnut Gelato: Combine 1925 grams of the Basic Ice Cream Base with the whole milk, sugar, cream, powdered skim milk and American Almond Praline Paste. Quickly chill the ice cream base over an ice bath. Refrigerate the ice cream base overnight.
  3. Pour into batch freezer and churn.