Chocolate Almond Butter Éclairs

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Chocolate Meringue Eclair

Yield: 18 Éclairs

These modern Chocolate Almond Butter Éclairs combine our Almond Butter in the pastry cream filling and a dark chocolate ganache dotted with a brittle crunch garnish.

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Recipe Courtesy of: Pastry Chef Eddy Van Damme


Lb Oz
Pastry Cream, made without butter 2 8
American Almond Almond Butter 8
Streusel-Topped Éclair Shells 18 shells
Ganache for Coating Éclairs and Pastry 1 8
Brittle Crunch Meringue Garnish, made with almonds as needed


  1. Combine the cold Pastry Cream with the American Almond Almond Butter. Puncture each end of the éclair shells.
  2. Using a small pastry tip, fill each éclair with the Pastry Cream.
  3. Heat the Ganache to 110° Dip each filled éclair into the ganache then sprinkle with some Brittle Crunch French Meringue garnish made with American Almond Almond Brittle Crunch.