Ready-To-Use Fillings

Ready-To-Use fillings are bake-stable and available in three distinctive and pleasing flavors that won’t bake out. Download our brochure.

“Schmear” By American Almond








POPPY BUTTER is a smooth blend of finely milled Dutch blue poppy seeds and sweeteners cooked to a semi-firm consistency. It can be used directly from the can or pail as a filling for Eastern-European style pastries and breads. Because it has a high percentage of poppy seeds, our filling has a thick texture. Some bakers may add some liquid, vanilla extract, lemon juice or brandy before using to adjust its consistency.


BAKERS HUNGARIAN LEKVAR is a natural prune puree made by cooking California-grown dried plums with sugar to make a smooth, thick and spreadable fruit butter. It is used to fill Danish pastries, kolachhy (kolache), hamantaschen, rugelach and sweet yeast breads. It can also be used as a spread directly from the can or pail for bread, rolls, toast or yogurt.