Premium Nut Butters and Pastes

Nut Butters:

American Almond Products’ Premium Nut Butters are prepared from fresh, oven-roasted nuts that are finely ground to a smooth “buttery” consistency. They blend easily giving baked goods, batters and creams the explosive taste of nuts in their purest form. Learn more about nut butters in our brochure.


ALMOND BUTTER is made using select, wholesome almonds from California. The natural almonds are roasted with their skins on and then ground into a smooth butter with remarkable flavor.


CASHEW BUTTER can be crafted using either roasted or unroasted whole cashews. Only premium cashews are chosen for our cashew butter. Cashews are ground into a smooth butter using added sunflower or canola oil to achieve the perfect consistency.


FILBERT (HAZELNUT) BUTTER starts with a selection of find filberts (hazelnuts) from Turkey and other Markets, which are roasted to perfection. The roasted filberts (hazelnuts) are ground into a smooth butter, yielding a distinctive flavor that is perfect for baking and confections.

PISTACHIO BUTTER starts with the selection of fine pistachios from the leading markets around the world. We make pistachio butter in both a roasted and unroasted variety Premium pistachios are ground into a butter using some oil to achieve a smooth consistency.

Nut Pastes:

Our premium nut pastes are made by combining raw or roasted nuts with sugar to create a delightful confectionery paste, ideal for use in any recipe where the rich flavor of nuts is desired. Learn more about all our nut pastes in our brochure.

ALMOND PASTE is characterized as having a sweet and balanced almond flavor. American Almond brand Almond Paste is prepared from select grades of almonds grown in California. After blanching, the almonds are ground and then cooked with pure granulated cane sugar to a smooth paste.


MARZIPAN is a soft pliable paste prepared from blanched almonds and sugar. It is often sculpted into fanciful shapes or coated in chocolate to make delicious confections. It can be tinted and rolled thin to cover celebration cakes.

Our premium quality marzipan is made with 40% select grade almonds. Learn more about marzipan in our brochure.

MACAROON PASTE is simply a blend of almonds and apricot kernels prepared in precisely the same way as the other pastes. The flavor profile is between the two; a somewhat smooth almond flavor with just a hint of the bitter almond notes. It is widely used in many innovative and traditional bakery products. Our No-Sugar-Added Macaroon Paste retains all the flavor of the original but is formulated especially for use in sugar-free recipes.

KERNEL PASTE is made from apricot kernels. Inside the pit of an apricot is a “kernel” that has a distinctive almond-like flavor. Benzaldehyde is the naturally-occurring flavor component that we all identify as “almond,” and apricot kernels contain a lot of it. The apricot pits are shelled to yield their kernels. American Almond blanches the kernels to remove their skins, grind them and then cook them with pure cane sugar to complete the process. The finished product has a slightly stronger bitter almond flavor.

PISTACHIO PASTE is the secret ingredient in European-style butter cookies, ice creams, Spumoni and other easy-to-make confections. We lightly toast pistachios then grind and blend them with sugar and flavorings. Some oil is added to make the paste smooth and creamy.

PRALINE PASTE is one of our most popular products. Praline paste is made from dry-roasted hazelnuts that are ground and blended with sugar to make a smooth, sweet paste just right for flavoring buttercream icings, puddings, ice creams and velvety fudges.