Other Traditional Products

In addition to our nut-based ingredients, we also offer silky smooth, brightly colored piping gelee, coconut macaroon mix, and chocolate marble for use in cake batters. Find out more in our brochure.

           Chocolate Marble

(Use: mousse cake, muffins, cookie fillings, french macaroons, and as a filling)


            Coconut Macaroon Mix

(Use: muffins, cookie filling, coconut macaroons, dough, and toppings for pies and tarts)


            Piping Gelee

Plain, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, and Yellow

(Use: pound cakes, mousse cake, quickbreads, toppings for cupcakes and cakes, cookie filling, french macaroons, coconut macaroons, toppings for pies and tarts, and brownie toppings)